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I'm constantly working on new musicals, including: We Will Not Be SilentCaptain ZukeDee, Khan!!!, and, recently, Cubamor (theatreC live broadcast). Some of my own musicals (Walken on SunshineOff With Her Maidenhead) have seen runs at venues off-broadway, at Merry-Go-Round, and at CMU.

I was lucky enough to be involved in a multitude of genres from an early age. I'm comfortable on stage and in studio in Hip Hop (Billy Pilgrim), Soul (Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution), Jazz (Ronnie Burrage), Improvised Musicals (Baby Wants Candy, Northcoast), Country (Maddie Georgi), Rock (Ribbons), Reggae (Rasta Rafiki), and Pop (Starbird and the Phoenix). I've played with acts opening for The Deftones, Tower of Power, and Nicki Minaj.


I recognize that what I work on gives it power and gives it a platform. I choose to give my skills to those productions and teams that actively put empathy and inclusivity first. 


I make sure we all have space to try and fail safely, with grace, in coaching sessions, in the audition room, and in the rehearsal room.


I fight for people of color, female-identifying people, and those on the LGBTQIA spectrum to be in positions of power and on creative teams. I recognize gracefully when it is time to give up my own seat in service of this goal.


I fight for conscious writing for and casting of female-identifying people, those on the LGBTQIA spectrum, and people of color.


As teacher/coach, I have been a member of the faculty at Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Academy and held teaching jobs at Point Park University, Conneticut College,  and West Virginia University. He presently coaches musical theater and acting students at New York Vocal Coaching with Arbender Robinson. During quarantine I've found a home online, coaching and teaching improvisation, text analysis, and music theory on a pay-what-you-can scale on my own and with organizations like the Tony Award winning Revolutionary Youth Theatre.

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