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When two singers want a full medley of their entire history on Broadway, you give it to them, including using "Hasa Diga Eebowai" as a transition between songs, perhaps a little liberally.

I am always of the opinion that any song can be covered, and there is no right way to do it. Bringing the powerhouse vocals of Kristin Daush to an Ani Difranco song, we had to pump up the volume ourselves, so here's my arrangement of "In or Out."

Digging into and honoring music of all styles is an absolute joy, and I was so glad when Ani came to me wanting to put lay down some jazz in her native Heyeren.

One more with Arbender Robinson, my longtime collaborator. Here, a tender ballad we did together at our first 54 Below show.

When you have the option to take a piano solo and harmonize Michael Jackson with three Broadway Belters, you do exactly that.

A significant part of my musical upbringing is in Hip-hop and Soul (with a touch of Metal). There's nothing quite like playing organ, bass, and Rhodes all on the same track when there's such an open form to "talk" to yourself each time you play the tune.

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